Vacuum Technology for Non-Technicians

  1. Historical development of vacuum technology
  2. What is a vacuum and how can it be explained?
  3. How to generate a vacuum?
  4. Why do we need a vacuum?
  5. Some vacuum technology basics
  6. What do we need to build a vacuum system
  7. How do vacuum pumps and vacuum gauges work?


Oriented overview on the vacuum technology with the aim to show the complex relationship in simple terms.

Target Group:

Participants with little or no knowledge in the field of vacuum technology / engineering, for exam- ple, newcomers, commercial office staff, administrative staff, secretary, etc.

Recommended Duration:

1 day

For a better understanding different tests are carried out: Implosion, pressure, gas volume, sound transmission in a vacuum, weight test in a vacuum, various leak rates,...
Most of the tests are performed by the participants themselves.
Concluding the seminar, the demonstration of „chocolate marshmallow in a vacuum“ takes place.

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