Vacuum Technology for Apprentice

  1. Why do I need a vacuum?
  2. How to create a vacuum?
  3. What options exist for connecting vacuum components and what differences are there?
  4. How do I measure the pressure in a vacuum system?
  5. How do I recognize a leak in my vacuum system and how do I find this leak?
  6. What are the hazards in the field of vacuum equipment and what safety measures are necessary at least?


The vacuum technology in general and vacuum technology specifically applied by the respective participant will be explained in simple terms. Risks and possible sources of error to be detected and avoided.

Target Group:

Apprentices from all sectors with little or no knowledge in the field of vacuum technology.

Recommended Duration:

2 days

The mediated theoretical facts are clarified on the basis of practical tests and experiments, which can be carried out by the participants themselves. Structure and function of the individual vacuum components are explained by means of section models or original parts. 

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