Fundamentals of Vacuum Technology

  1. Physical Basics of Vacuum Technology
    pressure, volume, temperature, quantity of gas, leakage rate, environmental factors, ...

  2. Pressure Measurement in the Vacuum Range
    liquid vacuum meters, force vacuum meters, capacitance vacuum meters, thermal conductivity vacuum meters, ionization vacuum meters, ...

  3. Fundamentals of Vacuum Generation – Vacuum Pumps
    technical parameters (pumping speed, pumping power, ...), mechanical vacuum pumps, kinetic vacuum pumps, ...

  4. Components of Vacuum Technology connections, valves, feedthroughs, ...

  5. Safe Handling of Vacuum Systems
    potential hazards, avoiding of fatal mistakes, ...


Basic understanding of processes in vacuum technology

Target Group:

Participants with little or no previous knowledge of vacuum technology

Recommended Duration:

2 days

The focus of the seminar is on the practical demonstration of the knowledge imparted. The partic- ipants experience typical effects by means of practical experiments which they partly can perform themselves. The exact content of the seminar is specially adapted to the needs of the participants. 

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