Leak Detection in Theory and Practice

  1. Basics of leakage detection
  2. Real and virtual leaks
  3. Leak detection methods
  4. Setup and function of a Helium leakage detector
  5. Basic methods of Helium leakage detection
  6. Efficient implementation of a leak detection with a He leakage detector
  7. Procedure for leak detection on components and vacuum systems
  8. Additional disrupting factors in vacuum technology


Correct and effective implementation of leak detection on components and vacuum systems

Target Group:

Employees with low basic skills in vacuum technology, leak detection agents, mechanics, commis- sioning engineers, maintenance personnel, etc.

Recommended Duration:

2 days

The focus of the seminar is on the practice of a leak detection. Participants are finally able to inde- pendenttly carry out leak searching and evaluating, regardless of model of the Helium leakage de- tector used. 

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