Trapezoid seals

Trapezoid seals are mainly used in valve seats, covers or doors in vacuum chambers.

At Karl Druschke Dichtungsfertigung e.K. trapezoid seals are joint-vulcanised from endless material so that they can be safely used in vacuum processes.

Geometrie and Material

Dimension Material*
12x14,5 mm FPM
Dimension Material*
10x12 mm NBR60, NBR50
12x14,5 mm NBR60, NBR50
20x24 mm NBR60, NBR50
Dimension Material*
10x12 mm MVQ60
12x14,5 mm MVQ70
20x24 mm MVQ75

* VITON (FPM), Perbunan (NBR), Silikon (MVQ)* glued

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