Lip seals

Lip seal geometry was developed over thirty years ago by the former company Heraeus-Leybold. Since then, its main application is as door seals for vacuum chambers.

The special lip seal geometry produces what is known as a contact aid which can also compensate for slight geometrical unevenness. When the chamber is evacuated, the ambient atmospheric pressure acts on the chamber door at a pressure of one kg per 1cm². The chamber door presses on the lip seal, thus sealing the chamber.

At Karl Druschke Dichtungsfertigung e.K. lip seals are joint-vulcanised from endless material so that they can be safely used in vacuum processes.

Geometrie and Material

Dimension Material*
5x7,5 mm FPM60, FPM70
10x15 mm FPM60, FPM70
11x17 mm FPM60, FPM70
Dimension Material*
5x7,5 mm NBR60
10x15 mm NBR60
11x17 mm NBR60
20x30 mm NBR60
25x37mm NBR60
Dimension Material*
5x7,5 mm MVQ60
10x15 mm MVQ60
10x18,5 mm MVQ60
11x17 mm MVQ60

* VITON (FPM), Perbunan (NBR), Silikon (MVQ)* glued

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