Leak testing of cryo generators in compliance with (EU) N 517/2014

Cryo generators which contain the refrigerant equivalent of 5 -50 tons of CO2 cryogen since 2014 must be check for leakage on an annual basis.

All Polycold® PFC, Telemark TVP and Leycool systems must be audited every year by a company qualified and certified as fulfilling the requirements of (EU) N 517/2014. The Polycold® MaxCool 4000 refrigerant charge has CO2 equivalence greater than 50 tonnes and requires bi-annual testing. By switching to Druschke GmbH refrigerant the GWP equivalence is reduced to less than 50 T CO2, halving the inspection frequency.

Druschke GmbH is qualified and certified for leakage checks in line with “§6 der ChemKlimaschutzV“. We are equipped with fully qualified cryogenic refrigeration engineers. Druschke’s experienced engineers are also able to fix most leaks on the customer’s site. Our in house capabilities extend to the remanufacturing of compressors and repair of leaks within the foamed top section of PFC and TVP systems.


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