Leak detection of vacuum systems using helium

LecksucheThe tightness of vacuum systems is a decisive factor to achieve the optimal final pressure with low pumping cycles. It also prevents any harmful effects on vacuum processes caused by atmospheric oxygen.
The most efficient method to detect leaks is by using a helium leak detector. Leak rates up to 10-10 mbar*l/s are detectable.

Druschke GmbH offers the following methods to measure the leak rate:

  • Measuring pressure rise
  • Measuring pressure drop
  • Local leak detection using the spray method
  • Local leak detection using the sniffer test method
  • Measuring the integral leak rate using the bombing test (test gas enrichment)
  • Measuring integral leak rate using the vacuum test
  • Other leak detection services:
  • Repairs and maintenance of helium leak detectors
  • Certification of standard helium leaks
  • Rental service for leak detection equipment
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